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Feminine charm ukrainian brides: FEMINITY

This quality ukrainian women's natures, contrary to the nature of masculinity and thus makes us different from men, less and less common in modern ukrainian women. Deny femininity - it means to defy nature. Brides from Ukraine differ from men frail physique, gentle, excitable nervous system, the unbalanced character. Nature saw fit to give a man power, but a ukraine woman, continuer of the human race, tenderness and sensitivity. At the world is the day of its creation, and the most intransigent supporters of ukrainian women's emancipation can not change anything.
What is femininity? Less than half a century it took to change a charm ukrainian ladys nature: in twenty years, a woman is independent, takes his own decisions regarding its fate, is able to stand up for themselves, intelligent, but, alas, almost devoid of femininity.
In the book "weaker sex" writer Simone de Beauvoir wrote about this:
"We can confidently say that the charming ukrainian women is literally torn between the need to lead independent lives, to share with a man of his responsibilities and the desire to live their own female lives, fulfill their duties to the purely feminine nature. This is the main cause of her breakdowns, her confusion, which allowed some sociologists call women "lost, endangered sex."
Success achieved in the lives of individual charm of women from Ukraine, are in conflict with their femininity, because it requires a "real ukrainian women" betrayal of her feminine nature. It is possible that this leads to a change in the character, feelings, sexuality in men.
We are witnessing the birth of a new morality, a new ethic. If the fashion for adolescent women with flat chest and skinny hips did not last long and was rejected as unnatural, yet is unlikely to ever return to fashion a woman with a curvy shape, from which have been crazy about the artists of past centuries.
Current fashion dictates a ukrainian lady that her body was well fed, but thin, muscular, flexible, strong, it should cause a sublime feeling. No snow-white, like a hothouse plant, and tanned, filled with the midday sun. ukrainain Women's costume, becoming a practical, not made a ukraine girls asexual creature. On the contrary, short skirts can see what modern women have beautiful legs ukrainian wome and thighs.