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If one compares western dating sites and Ukrainian dating agencies, a cardinal difference between them isn’t in a service presented, but in a quality of photos.

Ukrainian women look always and everywhere as models, and there is an impression of them being not real and using someone else’s photos. It’s not so. We have chosen on purpose photos of some Ukrainian girls from a Kiev dating site It seems that there are photos from glossy zine in front of you. It looks like that. However, in front of you are completely ordinary Kiev women who tried to make their image bright and memorable with the help of a professional photo session.

What do they need it for? First of all, a wish to look a billion dollars for Ukrainian women is genetical. It is about not only photos, but everyday life as well. You’ll hardly come across a woman, for example, in Kiev who came to a supermarket nearby without a hairstyle or make-up. Be sure that to make unforgettable photos she will waste not one day to get ready.

Second, all dating agencies offer free photo sessions with professional photographs. A great competition among dating sites makes their owners to make such a step, their girls should be the best ones. And if brides from provincial cities still have amateur photos in their profiles, beauties from the capital have only professional ones. At the same time, as a rule, during a photo session there is a video recording as well. A video in one’s profile guarantees a reality of such a lady and it considerably increases quality of her profile.

Third, a great competition on a marriage market, as there are less men in Ukraine than women, that’s why many women stay lonely.

The only way out for them is a search for a partner abroad. How is it possible to attract attention of western men among thousands of competitors?

Surely, high-quality photos. Men love with their eyes, as the old axiom as well as modern psychologists assert. That’s why a bright, feminine and sometimes even excessively sexy image is a tactical maneuver.

And the last thing… Good photos today are a tribute to fashion. In social networks and on dating sites all the people want to look a bit better than in real life… And Ukrainian women can’t be blamed – such a wish is natural for them.